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The Internet Resource for Students of Physarum polycephalum and Other Acellular Slime Molds

PhysarumPlus is for those who are fascinated by and/or work on Physarum polycephalum or other acellular slime molds. Physarum is a unique model system for answering important biological questions. We welcome the interest and input of the general public and, in particular, students who may be contemplating a career in the biological sciences. Acellular slime molds (Myxomycetes) are distinguished from cellular slime molds (Acrasiales, such as Dictyostelium discoides) because the plasmodium is a syncytium produced by multiple nuclear divisions without cytokinesis. [For more information on the life cycle of acellular slime molds and the kinds of research that life cycle has facilitated, see the sections (below) on Mission/Brief History and on Life Cycle].

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